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Moms & Bikinis. Yes or No?

By On April 15, 2014

Aaron and I were blessed to be able to spend the weekend at some friends lake house this recently.  Anytime someone says, “hey I know you guys are busy, but we’d love… Read More

Around the Web

Outside the Box Score podcast

By On April 14, 2014

My friends Chris & Tyson have a podcast called OUTSIDE THE BOX SCORE and last week they asked me to be a guest with them.  Their podcast is mostly about sports, but… Read More


Date Night Ideas in Austin

By On April 11, 2014

I have always said that date nights are one of the crucial things that what will sustain my marriage. Life is so busy and kids are so busy, that having a time… Read More

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Happy NEW BLOG day!

By On April 10, 2014

Today is a big day around here because for the first time ever since I’ve been blogging I received a make-over from a professional. Two amazing guys that work at our church… Read More


Mother’s Day giveaway

By On April 8, 2014

When I became a mom I never knew how much I would love all things that represented my kids. I would want their names on pieces of art. I would tattoo birds… Read More


Around the web: March 2014

By On April 6, 2014

Here’s where I was around the web last month: Questions on MomLife Today - “You see answering questions from my children that are adopted versus my biological son is not much different.… Read More


I’m on the train: Friday Night Lights

By On April 4, 2014

I feel like the FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS train blew through town a few years ago and I heard all the rumbling and whistles blowing but for some reason I never got on… Read More


Throwback Thursday: Fedna

By On April 3, 2014

A friend of mine is fostering a new little girl right now and she was talking this morning about how the sweet little girl is not interested in her husband and actually… Read More


Books I Read in March 2014

By On April 3, 2014

I only finished two books this month, but I recommend both of them to you if you are looking for a good book! If you have been around the blog world for… Read More


Restless Project: Weeks 4 & 5

By On April 2, 2014

I just realized that I never posted the video from week four’s Restless Project book club, so today I’m sharing weeks 4 & 5 with you!  This means there’s only one week… Read More


Friday Finds

By On March 28, 2014

Happy Friday friends!  I have been super busy this week with some super cool things that are happening in some ministries around me.  I’m honored to be able to use my gifts… Read More


Holding fast to the truths I know

By On March 26, 2014

Over Spring Break one of our main goals was teaching Story how to ride her bike.  We have been the worst bike parents to child number four in our home. Our oldest,… Read More


Restless Project: Suffering

By On March 24, 2014

{Photo Source:  Flikr} I have a whole post written in my head titled “Jamie, read this when all hell breaks loose”.  I want to write something to remind myself of the truths… Read More


New Blog Coming SOON & other randomness!

By On March 21, 2014

Y’all I am so excited to tell you that I am working on a new blog design. Well, let me rephrase that. Someone that is super talented is working on my blog… Read More