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The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey is a podcast that women love. It’s hosted by Jamie Ivey and each week she invites a girlfriend to join her and they chat about the big things in life, the little things in life, and everything in between. Topics include marriage, faith, children, parenting, sorrow, grief, joy, justice, books, what they are loving, plus so much more. To subscribe to the show and make sure you never miss an episode go to

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Happy Hour #90: Lauren Chandler

By On May 25, 2016

My guest for Happy Hour #90 is the very beautiful Lauren Chandler. Lauren is a momma of three kids and wife to Matt Chandler, the lead pastor at The Village Church and President… Read More

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Happy Hour #89: Elyse Fitzpatrick

By On May 19, 2016

  Who is in for a little free counseling? Elyse Fitzpatrick is my guest for Happy Hour #89 and she does not disappoint. Elyse is the mother of my friend, and previous… Read More

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Happy Half Hour #5: Jessica Turner

By On May 13, 2016

My guest for The Happy Half Hour #5 is Jessica Turner. She was on The Happy Hour back in the stone ages on episode #30. On today’s show, we catch up and talk about… Read More


Happy Hour #88: Amy from The Bobby Bones Show

By On May 11, 2016

  My guest for Happy Hour #88 is Amy from The Bobby Bones Show. Amy and I met several years ago during my short-lived career in radio. Since then, she and her… Read More


Happy Hour #87: Celebrating Motherhood

By On May 5, 2016

To celebrate Mother’s Day, today’s Happy Hour is a little different. I invited four of my girlfriends that are not the kind of mom’s you see on billboards and greeting cards. These… Read More

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Happy Half Hour #4: Jennie Allen

By On May 1, 2016

My good friend, Jennie Allen, joined me for my fourth episode of The Happy Half Hour. Jennie is a good friend of mine and has been a huge source of encouragement to me. She was… Read More


Happy Hour #86: Molly Huggins

By On April 27, 2016

  My guest for Happy Hour #86 is Molly Huggins. Molly is a Christ follower, 14-year veteran of the Army National Guard, ex-helicopter pilot, and stay at home mom to four babes.… Read More

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Happy Hour #85: Shelley Giglio

By On April 20, 2016

  My guest for Happy Hour #85 is the Shelley Giglio. You probably know Shelley and her husband, Louie, from the ministry they helped to create: Passion Conferences. Passion started 20 years… Read More


Happy Hour Live recap

By On April 15, 2016

Guys it’s been a mere forty days since the very first Happy Hour Live event and I still get giddy when I think about it. I’m not being overly dramatic when I tell… Read More

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Happy Half Hour #1: Jess Connolly

By On April 14, 2016

You asked for it! You got it! More Happy Hours! Every other Friday, I will be releasing a short episode with some of your favorite guests. We’ll cover a few things that… Read More

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Happy Hour #84: Emily Lex

By On April 14, 2016

  My guest for Happy Hour #84 is Emily Lex. This is Emily’s fourth time to join me on the Happy Hour! Y’all love her, I love her, everyone loves her. Today,… Read More

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Gifts for the Women in Your Life

By On April 13, 2016

  MAD Marketplace   The mission of MAD Marketplace is to tell stories, sell products, and help people through a global consumer marketplace. The MAD Marketplace is made up of companies and… Read More

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Happy Hour #83: Jo Saxton

By On April 6, 2016

  My guest for Happy Hour #83 is the lovely Jo Saxton. Jo is on the leadership team of Mission Point Church, and chairs the board of 3DMovements, an organization that equips… Read More

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Happy Half Hour #3: Annie Downs

By On April 4, 2016

Annie Downs joined me for Happy Half Hour #3. If you haven’t listened to our first conversation, you can and should do that here. But on this episode, you’ll hear us catch up… Read More