One of my favorite things about the summer break from school is how much time I get with my kids. We do life different in the summer than during the school year. We sleep later, stay up later, wear only swimsuits and pajamas most days, and eat most of our meals outside. We swim lots, ride bikes a lot, and go to the dollar theatre a lot in the middle of the day because it is hot here in Texas y’all! We love summer around here, and enjoy the laid back life it creates.

I also view the summer as a time that I get to invest in my kids that much more. During the school year my kids spend 34 hours a week with their teachers and friends away from me. In the summer I get them all to myself each week. I get to 100% invest in them every single day. I don’t want to waste that time every year with my kids during the summer. I want to make the most out of every single summer I get with my children, because each year they get older and older and I won’t have all their attention each summer.


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