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Haiti first grabbed my heart in 2006 and from there it has changed the trajectory of our lives forever. I visited on a mission trip first and fell in love with the country and was made aware of the needs first hand. From there God led us to this country for the adoption of our third and fourth children.


I’ll always come back.

By On November 12, 2013

It’s been almost four years since my 8-year-old-son came home to us from Haiti. Most days his wounds from abandonment and adoption are unseen to the naked eye. He is happy, adjusted,… Read More


Kelly’s home.

By On September 13, 2013

I can’t ever go to the Austin airport and not remember two of the best days of my life.  It wasn’t returning from an awesome vacation with Aaron (although we have had… Read More


What I hope for Cayden & Wonsli

By On September 12, 2013

Hope: to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence This past May we took our oldest, Cayden, to Haiti to meet his friend Wonsli. Wonsli is the child that Cayden sponsors… Read More

Guest Post

30 Abes by Amy from the Bobby Bones Show

By On August 1, 2013

Today’s my last day in Montana and tomorrow I head over the sea to London.  I’m happy to have been with Aaron this past week, and will miss him and the kids… Read More


Going back to Haiti and looking for healing

By On June 27, 2013

Aaron and I took Cayden to Haiti last month.  The last time I had been in Haiti was October 23, 2009 when I brought Story home.  It was a terrible 2 day… Read More


crazy 10 days

By On June 3, 2013

The last 10 days have been CARAZY.  But crazy in a good way.  The day after school was out, Aaron, Cayden & I headed to Haiti for five days.  I was then… Read More


Heading back to Haiti with a heavy heart

By On May 21, 2013

On Friday I will get on an airplane and head back to Haiti.  This time will be different than all the last trips I had taken there.  This time I won’t be… Read More


Haitian Creations purse giveaway

By On April 25, 2013

I have a great giveaway for you guys and it’s just in time for Mother’s Day!!! Yes, Mother’s day is right around the corner and this might solve your problem of finding… Read More


Haitian Creations purse party

By On April 18, 2013

Last week I hosted a girls night at my house and a purse party all in the same night and it was so much fun.  I love getting people together and I… Read More


Adopting from Haiti

By On April 15, 2013

We had a plan that we thought best for our family regarding adoption.  We would adopt domestically an infant and then adopt international. We felt lead to adopt a son first.  We had… Read More


Cayden is going to Haiti!

By On March 28, 2013

Since we first began adopting from Haiti Cayden has always asked to go visit the country his brother and sister are from.  During our adoption process we debated about taking him.  He… Read More


The first time I went to Haiti …

By On March 7, 2013

The first time I went to Haiti had nothing to do with the adoption of our children.  My two kids weren’t even on my mind, or in our life plan.  We had… Read More


Remembering Fedna

By On January 20, 2013

Happy Birthday sweet Fedna! Four years ago a sweet little three year old entered my world and changed me forever.  God took Aaron and I down a crazy path of hosting a… Read More


Giveaway: Rockin Baby

By On December 6, 2012

My hope this month is that I can showcase a few organizations that are giving back with each of your purchases.  These are organizations that are committed to doing more with your… Read More