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What can I say except that one of my love languages is for sure food. I love great food. Thank goodness I live in one of the best cities in the world for great food and am married to one fabulous chef.


Favorite burger places in Austin

By On May 16, 2013

Did you know that May is National Burger Month?  Yes it is, and now that I’ve told you I know that you are automatically craving a burger.  When I first found out… Read More


Slow Carb with Kids

By On April 27, 2013

A lot of people have asked me how we do slow carb around here and still get carbs in our kids.  It seems harder than it really is.  Basically I just make… Read More


My birthday getaway

By On April 23, 2013

Last week Aaron told me had a surprise for me and that we were going away for the weekend. OH MY WORD did this make me happy! First of all, I love… Read More


Slow Carb challenge week #4 ahead & MADE TO CRAVE devotional

By On January 28, 2013

Today marks the start to week #4 on the SLOW CARB CHALLENGE that Aaron and I are doing.  Each week marks a week of success for me, because my friends I have… Read More


It’s Vital

By On January 15, 2013

Last summer I started using a product that my cousin-in-law, Traci, told me that I would love and boy was she right.  If you follow me on Facebook you have for sure… Read More


The Year of Motherhood: October is for visiting new places around Austin

By On October 24, 2012

Is it really October 24 and I’m just now telling you about my month of October and the motherhood challenge that I set up for this month back in January?  Where has… Read More


Healthy Lunches and Breakfast for kids

By On September 5, 2012

Happy September!  Last month we worked on memorizing scripture and our family devotional times being more consistent.  What a great month it was for the whole family!  I updated last month over… Read More


Same ole’ same ole’ or something new?

By On August 2, 2012

The Peach Pit, Monk’s Cafe, The Central Perk Coffee House, The Max, and Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand all have something in common.  Yes they are all from the TV shows that… Read More


LUAU family night.

By On April 12, 2012

I did it.  A themed family night.  And I survived! We went with the luau theme because quite frankly someone had already done the work for me and honestly it was super… Read More


Happy Birthday Mom with Vivo & Delish!

By On October 13, 2011

This weekend was fabulous!  Our whole family was in town to celebrate my mom’s upcoming 60th birthday!  She didn’t want a big fuss, but you only turn 60 once and so we… Read More


Austin places to eat ….

By On September 27, 2010

The TOGETHER FOR ADOPTION conference is this upcoming weekend.  It seems like Oct 1-2 has been on my radar for a long time now and sure enough it’s almost here!!!  I know… Read More


Valentine cookies

By On February 16, 2007

My friend, April, that I work with helped her sister with a fundraiser for their upcoming Guatemala adoption. They made cookies and suckers for Valentine’s day and raised $1500! Isn’t that amazing!… Read More


Favorite new snack

By On January 29, 2007

Okay guys you are going to want to go to the kitchen right now and make this. I LOVE this new snack that we made yesterday. In fact last night we had… Read More