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My Story

Here’s the page where you can find posts where I share parts of my story. Although you could technically say this whole blog is my story, these posts are more about my past and where God has brought me over the years. You can also find more information about me on my “about page”.

My Story

Dear Jamie, your faith will increase through this trial.

By On October 20, 2013

Dear Jamie in 2003, You are 5 months pregnant and just got a phone call that seems to have rocked your world.  The financial secretary from your old church left a message… Read More

My Story

Dear Jamie, you didn’t need the free clothes.

By On October 19, 2013

Dear Jamie in 2002, You are so hurt and you feel so left out.  It doesn’t get any easier to feel left out of something and now you are grown woman who… Read More


Dear Jamie, you might have found a keeper.

By On October 18, 2013

Dear Jamie in 1999, You are about to embark on a journey that will change the rest of your life.  That guy, Aaron, from church asked you out and you said yes!… Read More

My Story

Dear Jamie, sex doesn’t equal love.

By On October 17, 2013

Dear Jamie in 1994, I want to tell you that what happened this summer doesn’t define you.  You actually never thought you would do this, and honestly you aren’t sure how you… Read More

My Story

Dear Jamie, don’t take your boyfriend to California.

By On October 16, 2013

Dear Jamie in 1993, Your family is taking a trip to California this summer and your mom said that you could bring a friend.  For some reason, when you suggested that you… Read More

My Story

Dear Jamie, I’m proud of you.

By On October 13, 2013

Dear Jamie 2003, Way to go!  You and Aaron are stepping out for the first time and making a life for yourselves in another state!  I know that you are nervous and… Read More

My Story

Dear Jamie, keep the hair.

By On October 12, 2013

Dear Jamie in 2000, Really, this is the hair style you are choosing right now?  I know you are looking for a fresh start in life, but let’s find something else to… Read More


Dear Jamie, way to compromise with your man!

By On October 11, 2013

Dear Jamie of 2006, You can’t believe that you are actually having a conversation with your husband about him getting earrings.  You HATE earrings on guys.  HATE.  And now the man you… Read More

My Story

Dear Jamie, go get a job that matters.

By On October 8, 2013

Dear Jamie in college, Right now you are a sophomore in college at Dallas Baptist University and you are working at a day care.  Now there’s nothing wrong with working at a day care,… Read More


Dear Jamie, Go read your books.

By On October 7, 2013

Dear Jamie in 1993, 1994, 1995 & 1996 English classes, Here’s the deal you too-cool-for-school kid, you should read the books your teacher is assigning you.  Seriously.  One day believe it or… Read More


Dear Jamie, Go love your brother.

By On October 5, 2013

Dear Jamie in 1987, Your brother is 5 now and he’s really starting to annoy you.  I mean it’s hard to be nine and have a five year old always following you… Read More

My Story

Dear Jamie, you didn’t need the job anyways.

By On October 4, 2013

Dear Jamie in June of 2003, Congrats!  You are expecting.  This has come at such a surprise to you and Aaron, but no worries, you’ll make it.  I’ll write you more about… Read More

My Story

Dear Jamie, that beauty school perm rocks!

By On October 2, 2013

Dearest Jamie in the Fall of 1984, You are so dang cute sitting in the hallway waiting to go to your first grade classroom.  You made it through kindergarten and you are… Read More

My Story

Dear Jamie, stop being fake.

By On October 1, 2013

Dear Jamie of 1995, Oh girl how I wish I could whisper so much in your ear right now, but the number one thing I would tell you right now is to… Read More