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Our youngest son Deacon was diagnosed with Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis, in December of 2009. Since then he has had many surgeries and is currently in remission. This disease has no cure and we pray that God will keep it from coming back again.


Update on Deacon’s surgery

By On December 15, 2009

First of all I must say that we are in awe at how many people were praying for our sweet Deacon yesterday.  So many of you I have never met and just… Read More


Deacon surgery @ 8:45 am

By On December 13, 2009

Tomorrow morning my son is having surgery.  This will be the first surgery any of my kids have gone through.  I’d be lieing if I told you that I’m okay.  The truth… Read More


Deacon’s voice diagnosis

By On December 7, 2009

Last Tuesday I picked Deacon up from school a tad bit early to take him to a doctor’s appointment. Little did I know that his life would change from this one appointment.… Read More