“When I get on stage and talk about Jesus I never underestimate the weight and responsibility it brings with it.”


When I get on stage and talk about Jesus I never underestimate the weight and responsibility it brings with it.

Jamie would love to join you for your next event.

She has a passion for encouraging women and pointing them to Jesus. She herself is constantly trying to know Him more, and fall more in love with His word. Jamie loves for women to rest in who they are and who God has created them to be.

Jamie enjoys teaching God’s word, and speaking topically on various subjects. Her style is engaging, funny, heart-felt, vulnerable, and full of honesty.

Jamie has also served as the emcee for a few conferences and is available for this as well. While emceeing the event she also led panel discussions for the event.

“Jamie Ivey is the real deal through and through. She loves Jesus, loves God’s Word, and happens to be a fantastic communicator. She’s the woman I’d want to call on if I need a quick gospel pep talk for myself or if I wanted to spur on thousands of women in grace and truth. As a guest speaker, she isn’t demanding, and she’s the antithesis of a fussy rockstar Christian. Attendees and organizers of any event would be blessed to have her!”

Jess Connolly

cofounder The Influence Conference //  September 2014


Jamie Ivey was the perfect addition to our WORDS line-up, delivering the Gospel with everyday relatability, wisdom and grace. I love her, and I love her passion for helping people share their Jesus story with the world.

Lisa Whittle

Author, Speaker, Host of the Jesus Over Everything Show

Jamie brings a strong biblical message with a relatable delivery.  Our audience of Next Gen leaders were challenged and motivated by her experience as a pastors wife, mom in the throws of parenting, and someone devoted to pouring into the lives of kids and teens.  She is a joy to work with because of her authenticity and commitment to trustworthy content that is rooted in scripture. 


Jana Magruder

Director of Lifeway Kids