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Motherhood looks different for us all.

By On May 9, 2016

Mother’s Day was yesterday and in the past few years I’ve learned that this day isn’t as welcomed and celebrated by all as I once thought it was. I once thought that… Read More


Happy Hour #87: Celebrating Motherhood

By On May 5, 2016

Podcast: Play in new window | Download To celebrate Mother’s Day, today’s Happy Hour is a little different. I invited four of my girlfriends that are not the kind of mom’s you… Read More

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Happy Hour #67: Sarah Bessey

By On December 17, 2015

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadHappy Hour #67 is with Sarah Bessey. Sarah is a writer, momma, wife, Canadian, and teacher. She’s written two books: Jesus Feminist + Out of Sorts. On… Read More


Pistachio gelato + Cutie Pie Deacon + God’s great love and forgiveness

By On June 30, 2015

It’s just another manic Monday … that’s what I’m feeling about today. I just sat down to watch Nashville (I’m in season 2, episode 8) and I thought I’d share a few… Read More

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Around the Web: June 2014

By On July 1, 2014

This past month I had two articles over at the VERGE NETWORK and was on the Verge Women podcast twice. I love writing/podcasting for VERGE and I hope that you get to… Read More


So thankful to be their momma.

By On May 11, 2014

For as long as I have been alive I have always wanted to be a momma. It was something that was always important to me, and in God’s great plan he has… Read More


Staying in God’s word now that I have kids.

By On December 12, 2012

Some of my friends have little babies and are struggling with finding time to get in God’s word like they did before having babies.  You wouldn’t think that such a little person… Read More


Asking advice from other moms

By On March 25, 2012

I remember when I had a newborn and I had those friends that were just a few steps ahead of me.  You know the ones that I’m talking about.  The ones that… Read More


My journey to Motherhood & how I used to think “LIFE ISN’T FAIR”

By On March 7, 2012

I remember when I was growing up how I would complain about how life just wasn’t that fair. I would utter those words to my mom and every single time she would… Read More


I’m a mom and I need some help.

By On March 16, 2010

On the way home from the beach last week I had a great conversation with my best friend.  She not only gets me as a person and knows me inside and out,… Read More


If you have 4 or more kids … tell me your secrets!

By On February 10, 2010

If you have four kids and they are all 6 and under I need your help!  If you at one time had 4 kids and they were all within the ages of… Read More


dreading baby dedication

By On September 20, 2009

I am the person that usually loves baby dedication days at church. I will always cry tears of joy for the dear parents that are up there telling the whole world that… Read More