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Questions + Answers // Our kids Names

By On July 21, 2015

@KGRIEPS on Instagram asks: Your kids have such unique names, how did you choose their names? Did your adopted babies keep names they’d already been given before they came home? Great question.… Read More


Questions for me?

By On June 19, 2015

You guys are just the absolute sweetest listeners, readers, and people in the world. Many times you guys have questions that you’d love to ask me, and so now I have a… Read More


When did you know you would have only one bio child?

By On February 10, 2014

QUESTION:  When did you KNOW that Cayden would be your only bio child? Did you have any feelings of mourning that he would be the only child you birthed? Or did you… Read More


You have questions and I have answers …. maybe

By On December 20, 2013

Oh my gracious we finally made it through all the giveaway’s these past two months.  I seriously am not sure I’ll ever do that again.  I mean, yes I’ll do Christmas giveaway’s… Read More